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job announcement
DataCenter's Economic Justice Program
Full-time Position (1 FTE)
Salary: $40,000 plus vacation, health, dental, vision,
chiropractic/acupuncture (including domestic partners)
Oakland-based position
People of color strongly encouraged to apply.

Do you believe research is critical to the success of the social 
justice movement? When you hear activists talk, do you wonder 
how they know so much about the corporate and right-wing 
interests that all too often shape socio-economic policies? Do you 
want to help organizations use research better to devise strategies, 
win campaigns, and build the social justice movement?  

If you answered D, then we have the job for you! The DataCenter's 
Economic Justice program works with economic justice 
organizations and networks across the country, especially those 
with bases among the poor and communities of color, to help them 
organize more successful social justice campaigns.  

For example, Grass Roots Organizing for Welfare Leadership 
(GROWL) built a national campaign to ensure recipients' voices 
were part of the welfare reauthorization debate. DataCenter 
research helped guide GROWL congressional strategy. The 
National Day Laborer Organizing Network's campaign to develop 
worker centers for day laborers is using DataCenter research to 
inform their strategy. Organizations we've worked with a lso include 
Asian Immigrant Women Advocates, Center on Policy Initiatives, 
Community Voices Heard, Families United for Racial and 
Economic Equality (FUREE), North American Alliance for Fair 
Employment, National Campaign for Jobs and Income Support, 
Project South, Southwest Network for Environmental & Economic 
Justice (SNEEJ).  

Our approach combines professional-level research services with 
popular education training and campaign consultation. Our partners 
believe that whenpoor people and workers are informed and 
organized, they build a better world.

 What we're looking for:
                   Creative, inquisitive spirit with a commitment tojustice.
                     Enjoy research.
                     Research experience (e.g. campaign or union 
community or grassroots research, journalism, or academic 
research on social issues).
                     Familiar with grassroots organizing.
                     Experience with economic justice issues (e.g. low & 
no wage work, welfare, day labor, housing, gentrification, 
                     Fluent in Spanish.
                     Excellent oral and written communication skills.
                     Computer and Internet skills.
                     Lexis/Nexis research experience desirable.
                     Experience with campaign strategy desirable.
                     Training experience, preferably rooted in popular 
education methods, desirable.
                     Familiarity with analyzing statistics and Census data

TO APPLY: Please send resume and cover letter to: Economic 
Justice Hiring
Committee, DataCenter, 1904 Franklin Street, Suite 900, Oakland, 
94612-2912 USA. Please no phone calls, faxes, or emails. See <A 
HREF=3D""></A> for additional 
program information.

Applications will be considered as received. Final deadline: 
December 1, 2002

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