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From:	"Steve Taylor" <steve at miltoxproj.org>

Vieques Campaign Consultant in Washington, DC


Location: Washington, DC
Temporary consultancy (five months)
Number of hours/week: 20
Pay: $1,500 month, without benefits

The aim of this position is to increase the visibility and effectiveness 
in Washington of the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) Puerto 
Rico campaign.  The campaign focuses on supporting the Vieques 
movement¹s principal goals:  cessation of naval bombing and 
elimination of the Navy¹s presence in Vieques, cleanup of the 
island¹s lands and waters, transfer of the land to the people of 
Vieques, and community-based sustainable development.  An 
urgent concern of the movement and the FOR campaign is the 
health crisis for Vieques residents and its causes, and the 
consultant's work will reflect this.

The Vieques Campaign Consultant¹s typical responsibilities will be:

* Meet regularly with campaign supervisors and advisors to assess 
direction of the campaign and prioritize tasks. 
* Facilitate advocacy for an end to bombing and environmental 
cleanup, through sign-on letters, presentations to NGO and church 
constituencies (e.g., Latin America Working Group), national call-in 
days, etc.
* Distribute information to local groups in the United States that 
support Vieques to help them make it an issue in the 2002 
Congressional elections.
* Monitor Vieques policy in executive branch agencies, including the 
White House, Navy, Dept of Health and Human Services, Fish & 
Wildlife Service, Environmental Protection Agency, and others 
responsible for ending the bombing, land management, health 
studies, and environmental cleanup on the island.  
* Report this information (in Spanish and English) to people in 
Vieques, and pro-Vieques activists both in Puerto Rico and the 
United States.
* Organize visits and programs for activists and other Vieques 
supporters who visit from Puerto Rico and around the United States.
* Facilitate distribution of Vieques Issue Briefs produced by FOR 
and other relevant materials to Congressional offices.
* Pursue fundraising opportunities to support and sustain this work.

Qualifications for the consultant:

* Excellent communication skills (English and Spanish)
* Commitment to principles of active nonviolence, environmental 
justice and ecumenism, and to the specific goals of the Vieques 
movement (demilitarization, cleanup, land transfer, community 
health and development)
* Skills in working with Puerto Rican, U.S. solidarity and 
environmental justice communities
* Skills gathering information from government agencies and 
* Knowledge of  the Vieques struggle, health crisis, toxics cleanup, 
land use planning and militarism in Caribbean highly desirable

Support and supervision:

The consultant will be responsible to the coordinator of the FOR 
Task Force on Latin America and the Caribbean (in San Francisco), 
to the United Methodist Board of Church and Society campaign 
advisor (on location in Washington), and to the FOR Puerto Rico 
Committee, which guides and supports the campaign.

The Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) has organized four 
international delegations to Vieques since 1998.  As part of a five-
year campaign for demilitarization and environmental justice in 
Vieques and Puerto Rico as a whole, the FOR publishes Puerto 
Rico Update and Vieques Issue Briefs (see http://www.forusa.org), 
has sponsored speaking tours in the United States by activists from 
Vieques , and collaborates with Puerto Rican organizations in the 
United States on educational events and demonstrations.  

The consultant¹s office will be located at the United Methodist Board 
for Church and Society on Capitol Hill.  The United Methodist 
Church (UMC) has been a leading church voice for justice with 
peace in Vieques, both in Puerto Rico and the United States.  It has 
sponsored visits to the island, issued public statements of support, 
and its leadership has participated in civil disobedience against 

Applications:  Send a resumé, letter of intent, and contact 
information for three references by August 25 by e-mail to:  
viequescampaign at igc.org  Persons of color and women are 
strongly encouraged to apply.

Starting date: September 1, or as soon thereafter as possible.

Fellowship of Reconciliation
Task Force on Latin America and the Caribbean
2017 Mission St. #305, San Francisco, CA 94110
Tel: 415-495-6334  Fax: 415-495-5628
Web:  http://www.forusa.org/

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