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From: "Amy Swiatek" <amys at>

You might also want to check out what the Bush Administration 
aims to do by "opening" up Title IX for review.  I received an e-mail 
on it from Working Assets as an alert - for the intent is to go back 
on Title IX -- which would be a huge mistake.   


From: "Janey Skinner" <janeyskinner at>

Actually, there has been quite an assault on Title IX from the right 
wing. A lot of press spin - look for articles bemoaning how wrestling 
teams are being disbanded by schools afraid of lawsuits, since girls 
just "naturally" aren't as interested in sports as boys are.  (You won't 
hear mention of the economic drain that the big-name sports like 
basketball and football are on schools and colleges athletics 
budgets.)  So I would be especially excited to hear about 
progressive organizing efforts to defend Title IX and to use it to 
leverage for greater equity in athletics for girls.  

Janey Skinner
Oakland, CA

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