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[ed:  Adam offers some references for Charles' query, and Charles 
says thanks to all.]

From: Adam Flint <flint at igc.org>


I'm not sure what the purpose of a portfolio review is, but I can 
recommend two journals that are decidely academic in nature and a 
bit more accessible in terms of price than the JAI series.  

1. Mobilization 

2.Social Movement studies 

The former has been publishing for about 3 years now and the latter 
just came out this year. Mobilization is very much a creation of 
some of the most active scholars in the field and is connected to the
Collective Behavior/Social Movements (CBSM) Section of the 
Sociological Association.   

For what its worth, here's the web page for the CBSM which also 
contains teaching and some organizing links and other resources.  

-Adam Flint

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From: Charles Heying <heyingc at pdx.edu>

Thanks to all who replied with suggestions for good journals in CD 
and social movements.  I have passed your recommendations 
along to the committee.  

A clear concensus emerged that Shelterforce offered the best 
coverage of CD especially accessible to practitioners.  


Charles Heying, Ph.D.
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