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Tue Jul 23 14:42:01 CDT 2002

[ed:  Doug is responding to Sarah's July 19 post.]

From: "Doug Hess" <DHess at frac.org>

Sarah mentioned pending research on organizing tactics which she 
defined as confrontational vs more consensus-oriented.  

I think it can be useful in theory for discussing tools to have this 
dichotomy, but more useful still would be a study of how 
organizations manage the complexity of when to use the various 
tactics they have. Portraying sophosticated organizations as being 
on or the other side of the line is not covering the reality. Also, since 
organizing schools often organize different people, even though 
they claim the same, it would be heard to compare responses.  

Having said that, it would be interesting to see what the experiences 
of members are while participating in organizing drives and 
campaigns. That would be truly original. I would love to see more 
ethnographic research on new and long-time community leaders, as 
well as those who dropped out and the regular folks who show up 
now and then.  

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