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Hi folks:

The current issue of Grassroots Fundraising Journal 
( has an interesting article on 
building membership programs.


Revitalizing Your Membership Program:
Why Do You Need Members- and Why Do They Need You?
By Ellis M.M. Robinson

[ed:  the above article is now linked from the COMM-ORG 
"Readings" page.]

I'd also like to make folks on this list aware of a new report co-
authored by one of my colleagues who works for the Chemical 
Weapons Working Group.  The report - called "Learning Not to 
Burn: A Primer for Citizens on Alternatives to Burning Hazardous 
Waste" - covers a grassroots strategy to oppose incineration, how to 
judge technologies, technology options to inceration, and more.  If 
focuses on the need to combine zero waste/clean production 
strategies and anti-incineration strategies for a holistic approach. It 
also includes case studies on the movements to stop chemical 
weapons incineration nationally and to force clean production 
strategies at Kodak's facilities.  

The report is available at

Steve Taylor
Military Toxics Project

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