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From: "Hickson, Holly" <HHickson at midsouthcc.edu>

Hello!  I am requesting some help from Comm-org in increasing the 
YouthBuild (HUD) budget this hear.  

A chance to mark up the budget is coming before Senators Barbara 
Mikulski and Kit Bond this week.  Let me give you the easiesst way 
to help, and then below that will be background information if you 
are unfamiliar with the YouthBuild program and the movement, a 
part of a genuine attempt to "Leave no Child Behind"  

To help, click on the following link:


Feel free to browse the site.  When you are ready to act, 

*	click the block for "contact your legislator".     

*	click on the urgent letter to Senate Appropriations 
Committee block.  

*	By entering your information and clicking "edit", you can 
add your personal sentiments as a paragraph of the draft letter.  

*	Once you have reviewed and edited, push send e-mail, and 
it will be sent with your personal address and closing already 

*	I would appreciate a re;ly to me (just say DONE) in the 
body, if you like so that we might track how useful this might be.  

Thank you so much !  

Holly Hickson, Ph.D. Youthbuild Crittenden County, Arkansas  

YouthBuild, located in 160 communities across the country, affords 
high school dropouts a second chance (last chance?) to acquire 
lifeskills, construction training, and the GED while building homes 
for low-income residents of their own communities.  Students are 
paid a stipend while in training and while on the job site.  There is a 
strong emphasis on community leadership, participatory 
democracy, and lifelong learning.  Dorothy Stoneman started 
YouthBuild in Harlem 25 years ago.  About 50% of Youthbuild sites 
are federally funded.  Many sites have expanded to include 
computer training, charter schools, and reaching out to ajudicated 
and incarcerated youth in their programs.  

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