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[ed:  thanks to Charles for the comments on Moshe's paper.]

From: Charles Heying <heyingc at>

Thanks to Moshe ben Asher for his fine paper on LA governance.  I 
have alerted an organizer/friend in LA to read it. When the charter 
movement was in its initial stages, various folks looked to Portland 
for a model on neighborhood based governance. While our system 
is flawed and has received legitimate criticism, it is a workable 
model that does empower citizens, is accessible, and does have 
important input into planning and public safety issues in 

Now that the LA secession movement is picking up steam, perhaps 
Portland again provides a model that would have some resonance 
with the author's suggestion for a two-tiered metropolitan 
government, with the caveat that what Portland has is a three tier 
government, neighborhood, city, and our elected metropolitan 
government, METRO.  Portland seems to be making it work, but 
even here, the system is under constant threat from forces that are 
perhaps similar to those pushing the secession movement in LA.  

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