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[ed:  please feel welcomed to copy COMM-ORG with your 
responses to Charles' query.  A response from me below.]

From: Charles Heying <heyingc at pdx.edu>

As a member of the publications committee for ARNOVA, I have 
been asked to help develop a list of journals for a portfolio review.  
Specifically, my assignment is to identify two of the best journals for 
community development/grassroots organizing and similarly two 
best for social movements. These journals could be oriented to both 
practitioners and academics.  I would appreciate any 
recommendations from members of the list.  

Charles Heying, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Urban Studies and Planning
Portland State University
506 S. W. Mill Street
Portland, OR  97207-0751

heyingc at pdx.edu
(503) 725-8416
Fax (503) 725-8770

[ed:  quick list from me would include the Journal of Community 
Practice, Journal of the Community Development Society, 
Community Development Journal, and one of those JAI Press 
annual volumes on social movements.  The Sociological Quarterly 
used to do some good social movements stuff on occasion.  The 
Journal of Urban Affairs sometimes has CD stuff.]

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