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From: Joshua Abrams <jna8 at cornell.edu>


The Department of City and Regional Planning at Cornell University 
is embarking on an ambitious research project to help strengthen 
university-community partnerships and capacity-building efforts, 
including the training of a new generation of leaders for community 
based organizations (CBOs). We are writing in hopes that you have 
ideas to help tailor this program so it provides maximum benefit for 
those organizations. To initiate our research effort, we are compiling 
a list of university-based applied research and technical assistance 
initiatives that focus on capacity building of CBOs engaged in local 
economic and community development. Specifically, we are 
interested in initiatives that are using participatory, bottom-up, 
grassroots methods. We hope to identify and profile schools that 
are doing exemplary work, drawing upon their experiences to define 
principles of best practice as well as challenges and opportunities 
for the future. This information will help shape new initiatives aimed 
at improving the effectiveness of university-based technical 
assistance efforts and strengthen the role of universities in training 
a new crop of leaders for these organizations. We are hoping you 
have suggestions about university-based initiatives that fit these 

1)      They provide technical assistance to CBOs 

2)      They are focused on CBOs engaged in local economic and 
community development 

3)      They use participatory methods as a core strategy for 
engaging community members and strengthening the organizational 
capacity of CBOs   

We would be grateful if you could pass along names and any 
contact information you might have for initiatives that you think 
meet these criteria by July 22nd.   

If you have questions or would like more information, please do not 
hesitate to ask. Thank you in advance for your time. We look 
forward to sharing our initial results with you in the near future.  

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