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[ed:  thanks to Gene for continuing the discussion on recruitment.]

From: Gene Allen <gallen at UNHS.ORG>


I am not a psychologist or a sociologist, but my experience has 
been the best recruiters are people who have served the public or 
worked with the public in other ways, i.e. sales persons, 
waiters/waitresses, public relations/marketing professionals etc. 
(They usually make the best fund raisers as well.)  

Think about it.  What makes you want to give someone a better tip?  
Why did you buy that car, house or pair of shoes? Why did you just 
give that panhandler $5?  

The smile, the friendly hello, eye contact, sincerity, knowing your 
merchandise (subject matter) projecting confidence and being 
passionate about what you are doing.  You can see it in the eyes 
and hear it in the voice  

These are all characteristics of a good recruiter.  Yes some of these 
techniques can be taught.  In a former life I was the manager of a 
shoe store and had to hire new salesman and then teach them how 
to meet, greet and seat the customers.  

Some got the basics, but the best ones showed sincerity and 
passion.  That is something you can't teach.    


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