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[ed:  this request comes from colleagues of mine at Temple 
University in Philadelphia.  Please use the contact information 
below to respond to them.]

From:	"T.L Hill" <thill at surfer.sbm.temple.edu>

Barbara Ferman and I have been offered the opportunity to write an 
article for the Journal of Urban Affairs about community leaders' 
experience of working with universities doing community based 
research.  We thought we could use this opportunity both to write 
something that might help others get involved in community based 
research and to step back, listen, and learn something about how 
we might improve the our own efforts doing this sort of work in 

To facilitate this, could you introduce us to one or more community 
partners who might be willing to talk with us about what has worked 
well and not so well, about the impact of the the university/college 
partnership on their organization, and about how that partnership 
might become even more productive.  Once you made the 
introduction, we would ask your community partner whether they 
could take 45 minutes to have a conversation about the topics 
outlined in the attached proposal.  We would take detailed notes 
and send copies to them for their correction and comment.  And as 
always with this kind of thing, Barbara and I will keep confidential all 
the information your partners share confidential and do our best to 
protect them, their organization's and your institution's anonymity.  
We will also, of course, send 'round a draft of the article closer to 

Thanks in advance for helping us make these connections.  We 
hope that these interviews and article will help strengthen all of our 
efforts to do community based research effectively.  

TL Hill
Assistant Professor, General and Strategic Management
Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute
Associate Director, Community Development
University Community Collaborative of Philadelphia
Fox School of Business
Temple University
1810 N 13 Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122-6083
215-204-3079 p
215-204-3080 f "

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