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[ed:  thanks to Joe for the thoughts on Paul's query.  Others?]

From: "joe and jenn catania" <jccjlw at msn.com>

Although i can understand where Paul is coming from, I think this 
thinking can tend to slip into the single, lone, exceptional, organizer 
hero myth.  I agree with the comments that there are different styles 
and approaches that depend on so many different factors and 

We cannot begin to standardize recruiting i.e. one-on-ones without 
running in to serious consequences related to context, race, class, 
gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, etc.  The best organizers 
understand how all of thes variables play in the effort to build a 
relationships with people. Awareness of your own and the other 
person's location relevant to these variables is critical.

Joe Catania
Training Coordinator
Neighborhood Leadership Institute
Citizens Committee for New York City

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