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From: Paul Gowder <pgowder at yahoo.com>

Hi folks -- I've been wondering, in your
organizations, is there a type of person/specific
personality (or other) characteristics that seems to
be good at recruiting people?  Whether to become
members of an organization, or to participate in an
action, or just to do some needed task.  

I ask this because I notice, more and more, that there
are specific people who have substantially more
success, even when all other sorts of factors are
accounted for (training, reltionship with community in
question, etc. etc.), in recruiting people to do and
become involved in things.

And if those characteristics can be isolated, maybe
they can be taught...

Any takers?


Paul Gowder (pgowder at yahoo.com)
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Oregon Law Center
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[ed:  my experience working with organizers and trying to 
understand what they do as an outsider, is that there are an 
amazing variety of styles. And they all seem to have different 
success rates for different people. One of the best recruiting stories 
I've heard of is the "silent" recruiter who would say almost nothing 
during an initial doorknock and just let people work themselves up 
about the issues in the community until they were ready to fight.  
Others use the hard sell.  Others do relationship-building.  It may 
not be that there is one recruiting style that works best but, like 
clothing, different things fit different people.]

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