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Fri Jul 12 08:12:01 CDT 2002

[ed:  also watch for a new COMM-ORG paper coming from Moshe.]

Rabbi Moshe ben Asher & Khulda bat Sarah <kharakim at>

Over the past year we have added many essays and articles on 
congregational and community organizing to the Gather the People 
web site (at  

The list includes the following, which you'll find on the Downloads

1. Conflict & Cooperation in Macro Theory & Practice (6 pp.)
2. Key Learnings in Congregational Community Organizing 
Workshops (3 pp.)
3. On Leadership (2 pp.)
4. Our Crisis of Faith: On Redeeming Ourselves, Our Faith 
Communities, and Our Country (4 pp.)
5. Paper-Driven to Paperless: Technology Implementation Drives 
Program Innovation (6 pp.)
6. Spirituality and Religion in Social Work Practice (5 pp.)
7. Why 'Crisis Judaism' Doesn't Last (3 pp.)
8. Writing Daily Macro Practice Notes (10 pp.)

Gather the People is a tax-exempt nonprofit that provides web-
based training and education resources without charge for 
congregational and community organizing.  

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