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From: James Whelan <James.Whelan at mailbox.gu.edu.au>

Hi Lisa (and Comm-Org folk)

Re Organiser Training, there are some interesting examples in the 
US. The 
Midwest Academy's five day trainings held in several locations each 
(easily located on the web) offer a great foundation, and have the 
of their "organising for social change" text.  The Highlander Centre 
outside Knoxville offers a range of brilliant retreats and workshops 
organisers of various orientations - environmentalists, social justice 
workers, unionists - and has done since the   1920s. Steve Chase 
offers a 
graduate program at Antioch New England. I will be piloting a one-
program for environmental advocates (offered at Grad Cert and 
levels) through the Faculty  of Environmental Science at Griffith 
University from February 2003 (available on-line).

I would be glad to exchange reference lists.


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