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Fri Jul 5 14:42:01 CDT 2002

Hi COMM-ORG.  Your humble moderator/editor here.  Have you 
ever wondered if community organizing really does any good?  
Well, I am very pleased to announce a new addition to the COMM-
ORG papers series:

Organizing for Change: Stories of Success

by Judy Hertz

You can find the paper linked from the COMM-ORG "Papers" page: 

or directly at:

Here is Judy's introduction to the paper:

"I am especially interested to receive feedback on this set of stories, 
because I am planning to revise them and add to them for further 
publication (a book).  I would particularly like to hear from people 
who think this might be useful for students, leaders, and newer 
organizers (or anyone else!).  Or, equally important, what I could do 
to make these more useful as I revise them."  

"The foundations who paid for this were interested in persuading 
other foundations to fund organizing.  I was thinking of leaders who 
need to know some history and some success stories beyond their 
own neighborhood/organization/network.  I also had in mind the 
student interns I work with, many of whom have either no idea or 
very vague ideas about community organizing before I recruit them 
and throw them into the fray."   

"The pieces were written as lively stories, not academic analysis.  
But as an organizer and trainer, I wanted to put in enough about the 
process for the stories to be instructive as well as motivational.  The 
predatory lending piece in particular seemed to lend itself to this, 
since so many different organizations with different organizing 
approaches were involved."  

"Any feedback will be appreciated.  Either Jane Beckett (from the 
New Prospect Foundation) or I will be glad to send you out a free 
copy of the printed version if you contact us (Jane can be reached 
at jane100000 at"  

Judy Hertz
jtwodtwo at or midwestacademy5 at

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