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[ed:  a big COMM-ORG welcome to Leslie, who is number 858 on 
the list and hopefully not the last to join the party.  Leslie offers us 
the chance to discuss models and methods of organizing.]

From: "Leslie A. Ramyk" <ccbi at core.com>

While I fear I'm the last to join the party, I'm glad I finally made it!

I am thrilled to have found this resource.  I am the director of the 
Chicago Community Organizing Capacity Building Initiative (CCBI) 
in Chicago, Illinois.  We are a project of the Ford Foundation, one of 
three sites nationally to engage in capacity building with community 
organizing groups across the country.  

I'm working with twelve local organizing groups (including IAF, 
Gamaliel, ACORN, NTIC/NPA, COFI and Midwest Academy 
affiliates) to increase their capacity to create bigger and better 
social change.  Please don't ask me to define these terms yet--
unless this is your passion, in which case I'd be delighted.  

In addition to Ford we also have eight local partnering foundations 
participating, including MacArthur, Woods, Wieboldt, the Chicago 
Foundation for Women and the Chicago Community Trust.  

I am especially interested in the evolution of Alinsky-style 
organizing, as most of the groups I work with are fairly orthodox in 
their approach to organizing.  I am also interested in the 
'intersection' of public policy advocacy work and community 
organizing/grassroots participation.  


Leslie A. Ramyk
Chicago Community Organizing Capacity Building Initiative (CCBI)
53 W. Jackson Blvd. Suite 838
Chicago, IL  60604
312-786-9377, ext. 3
Fax:  312-786-9232

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