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[ed:  I received a bunch of job notices that are combined in this 
message.  It's a nice contrast to the holiday pink slips.]

1.  Information Organizer (includes salary info)
2.  Information Activist (includes salary info)
3.  Youth Strategy Activist (includes salary info)
4.  Students for a Free Tibet Executive Director (includes salary 
5.  NTIC National Education Organizer 

From:           	"Holly Hatcher" <pharholly at>

Holly Hatcher
PHAR Coordinator/Organizer
703 Concord Avenue, Suite 4
Charlottesville, VA 22903
phone (434) 984-3255
fax (434) 984-2803
pharholly at

PHAR: Charlottesville Public Housing Association of Residents 703 
Concord Avenue, Suite 4, Charlottesville, VA  22903              ph: 
434-984-3255   fax: 434-984-2803  e-mail: pharholly at  


The PHAR Organizer’s primary responsibility will be outreach and 
organizing for PHAR, under the guidance and supervision of the 
PHAR Coordinator.  The PHAR Organizer will be responsible for 
the following tasks:  

*  Support and strengthen resident groups at each public housing 
site in the city, including attending site-based Resident Association 
meetings as directed  

*  Conduct one-on-one meetings, door-knocking drives, etc. to build 
relationships with residents and help them become more aware of 
PHAR activities/events  

*  Identify and develop new leaders within public housing  

*  Assist PHAR with issue work, campaigns, trainings, workshops 
and other projects  

*  Establish a system for prompt dissemination of PHAR flyers, 
newsletters, etc. to all residents  

*  Assist with turnout to PHAR events through phone calls, flyering, 

* Assist with PHAR Resident Training and Leadership Development 


The successful applicant for this position will be someone who:  

*  Has a strong commitment to community empowerment and 
social justice  

*  Has experience working with diverse communities and low-
income residents  

*  Has experience in community organizing or a desire to learn the 

*  Demonstrates basic computer literacy (e-mail/word processing, 
Microsoft Publisher)  

*  Demonstrates good people skills & communications skills  

*  Is able to multi-task (manage several projects simultaneously)  

*  Is committed to seeking training and other self-development 

This is a community-organizing job and will require some night 
meetings and weekend work. Women and people of color are 
encouraged to apply.  


The Organizer is a 35-hour/week position at an hourly wage of 
$12.50/hr. with benefits.  

TO APPLY Send a cover letter and resume by January 17, 2003 to: 
PHAR, 703 Concord Ave., Suite 4, Charlottesville, VA 22903  


From:	LeonSomp at 

Hello everyone,

The DataCenter is hiring!! We have two Information Activist positions
open: one for the Environmental Justice Team, and one for the Youth
Strategy Project Team.  Please see the attached job descriptions and
information on where to address the applications.  If you are interested
in being considered for both positions, send separate cover letters and
resumes to the appropriate hiring committee.  Thank you!

Please forward this to whoever you think is interested and would be great
for the positions!


Full-time Position (1 FTE)
Salary: $40,000 plus vacation, health, dental, vision,
chiropractic/acupuncture (including domestic partners)
Oakland-based position
People of color strongly encouraged to apply.

Do you believe research is critical to the success of the environmental
justice movement? Have you had to dig up dirt on a corporate polluter in
your community? Do you want to help other organizations use research
better to devise strategies, win campaigns, and build the environmental
justice movement?

If you answered "yes", then we have the job for you! The DataCenter's
Environmental Justice program works with environmental justice
organizations and networks across the country, especially those with bases
among the poor and communities of color, to help them organize more
successful environmental justice campaigns.

For example, in response to Eastman Kodak's long history of environmental
violations and increasing community concern, the Citizens' Environmental
Coalition in New York has launched a Kodak environmental accountability
campaign. The DataCenter provided the campaign with research on Kodak's
strategic direction and key distributors. The Environmental Health
Coalition used DataCenter research to inform their strategy in a
successful campaign that closed a chrome plating company this fall located
in a low-income community in San Diego.

Organizations we've worked with also include Communities for a Better
Environment, the Indigenous Environmental Network, Project Underground,
the Southwest Public Workers Union, the Citizens Coal Council, and the
Asian Pacific Environmental Network.

Our approach combines professional-level research services with popular
education training and campaign consultation. Our partners believe that
real change happens when the people from communities impacted by
environmental hazards are informed and organized.

What we're looking for:
* At least 2 years experience in environmental justice (on such issues as
toxics and environmental health, mining/drilling, hazardous waste
disposal, brownfields, etc.) * Research experience (Campaign research,
community/grassroots research, or union research preferred. Journalism or
academic research on social issues also considered) * Experience with
grassroots organizing * Training experience (experience with popular
education methods preferred) * Excellent oral and written communication
skills * Computer and Internet skills * Ability to travel nationally *
Creative, inquisitive spirit with a commitment to environmental justice *
Enjoy investigative research * Fluency in a second language (e.g. Spanish,
Tagalog, Cantonese, indigenous languages, etc.)

Other desirable qualities:
* Lexis-Nexis research experience
* Experience with campaign strategy
* Familiarity with interpreting financial and/or Census data

TO APPLY: Please send resume and cover letter to: Environmental Justice
Hiring Committee, DataCenter, 1904 Franklin Street, Suite 900, Oakland, CA
94612-2912 USA. Please no phone calls, faxes, or emails. See for additional program

Applications will be considered as received. Final deadline: January 24,

Fulltime Position (1 FTE)
Salary: $40,000 plus vacation, health, dental, vision,
chiropractic/acupuncture (including domestic partners
Oakland-based position
People of color and women strongly encouraged to apply.

Do you believe that information, in the hands of young people, can change
the world? Have you ever had to dig up information that helped a campaign
win or broaden your understanding of an issue? Do you want to help youth
organizers use research to devise strategies, win campaigns, and build a
strong environmental and social justice movement?

If you answered "yes", then we have the job for you! The DataCenter's
Youth Strategy Project works with dozens of youth organizations across the
country, especially those with bases among low-income and communities of
color, to help them organize more successful social and environmental
justice campaigns by providing research and research training assistance.

Organizations we've worked with span the country and address a wide array
of issues affecting youth and young people, including Communities Against
Anti-Asian Violence, FIERCE, People Organized in Defense of Her Earth and
Resources, Project HipHop, Sisters in Action for Power, Young Women United
in Albuquerque, YouthAction, Youth Build Immigrant Power Project, Youth
Justice Partnership, Youth Organizing Communities, and Youth United for
Community Action.

Our approach combines professional-level research services with training
and campaign consultation. Our partners believe that real change happens
when the people from communities directly impacted by issues are informed
and organized. Check out our website at:

What we're looking for:

* Research experience (union or campaign research, community or grassroots
research, journalism, interesting school projects) * Training experience,
preferably rooted in popular education * Experience working with youth/
young people 13-21 years old (e.g., leadership development, organizing,
teaching, etc) * Experience in grassroots organizing * Excellent oral and
written communication skills * Computer and Internet skills * Creative
spirit * Enjoys investigative research * Ability to travel nationally *
Interest and/or experience in environmental justice issues * Second
language fluency (Spanish preferred) * Familiarity with organizations
outside of California

Other desirable qualities:
* Lexis-Nexis research experience
* Experience with campaign strategy
* Familiarity with interpreting financial and/or census data

TO APPLY: Please send resume and cover letter to: Youth Strategy Project
Hiring Committee, DataCenter, 1904 Franklin Street, Suite 900, Oakland, CA
94612-2912. Please no phone calls, faxes, or emails. Applications will be
considered as they are received. Applications must be received by Friday,
January 24, 2003.


From:	Dara Silverman <daras at>

Students for a Free Tibet
Executive Director Job Description

Organization:      Students for a Free Tibet (SFT) works in solidarity 
with the Tibetan people in their struggle for freedom and 
independence. SFT is a chapter-based network of young people 
and activists around the world. Through education, grassroots 
organizing and non-violent direct action, SFT campaigns for 
Tibetans¹ fundamental right to political freedom.  SFT¹s role is to 
empower and train youth as leaders in the worldwide movement for 
social justice.  

Job Description:      The Executive Director works with SFT¹s 
Board of Directors (BOD), staff, and members to accomplish the 
organization¹s goals. The Executive Director will focus primary 
attention on overall management of the organization with particular 
emphasis on fundraising, capacity building, and program 
coordination.  The Executive Director will also advance SFT¹s 
goals by working with other Tibet Support Groups and allied 
organizations, by engaging government agencies, international 
institutions, companies and the press, and by mobilizing the public.  
The position is located in New York City.  

Reports to:        The Board of Directors  


 Strategic Planning  

Work with the BOD to develop and implement a long-term strategy 
that achieves the organization¹s mission, and an annual work plan 
that ensures consistent and timely progress towards the 
organization¹s strategic goals.  

 Project Development and Coordination  

Develop, in consultation with BOD, and coordinate Projects to 
ensure goals and objectives of the annual work plan are met.  

 Financial Management  

Prepare annual budget in consultation with BOD and staff; ensure 
QuickBooks data is accurate and complete; provide monthly 
budget reports to BOD treasurer; administer and monitor projects in 
accordance with budgetary provisions and cash flow projections; 
ensure organization is fiscally sound.  


Develop and implement, with BOD assistance, a diversified 
fundraising program that meets budget goals, including foundation 
grants, major donor gifts, chapter dues, memberships, events, and 
merchandise sales.  

 Office Management  

Maintain official records and documents, and ensure compliance 
with federal, state, and local laws and regulations; maintain 
relationship with landlord; buy and maintain office equipment and 

 Staff Supervision and Support  

Ensure staff are effectively carrying out the organization¹s work 
and provide all appropriate support; employ, supervise, evaluate 
and terminate staff in accordance with organization policies and 
state and federal law; provide opportunities for staff development; 
oversee employee benefits.  

 Building Organizational Capacity  

Increase the number of chapters, members, and volunteers; ensure 
training of students, particularly at Action Camps and at national 
and regional conferences; promote active and broad participation 
by volunteers in all areas of the organization¹s work.  

 Building and Supporting Coalitions  

Develop and maintain relationships and coordinate campaigns with 
Tibet Support Groups and existing and prospective allies; work 
directly with government representatives, and corporate and 
institutional officials to advance organization¹s goals.  

 Board Support and Leadership  

Work with the BOD leadership to develop an engaged, effective 
BOD; keep the BOD fully informed of organization operations and 
relevant news; serve ex-officio on all BOD committees; assist the 
Executive Committee to identify and integrate new members to 
achieve their greatest satisfaction and involvement.  

 Public and Community Relations  

Position SFT as an effective, vital organization in the Tibet support 
movement; represent the organization professionally and 
responsibility at all appropriate public functions, including public 
presentations, press contacts, lectures, speeches, and workshops.  

Necessary Experience, Skills, and Characteristics:  

- A minimum of 4 years work experience with a nonprofit advocacy 

- Bachelor¹s degree plus related experience or a graduate degree 
in a related field  

- A desire and enthusiasm to work for Tibetan independence  

- Successful experience managing fundraising programs, and 
demonstrated personal success with cultivation and solicitation of 
donors, individuals, foundations and companies  

- Strong knowledge of nonprofit management and organization 
capacity building  

- Ability to supervise staff and work well in a team  

- Demonstrated ability to work with a wide variety of persons with 
diverse cultural backgrounds - The ability to think strategically and 
work independently  

- Strong demonstrated writing ability  

- Experience with budget preparation, analysis and monitoring - 
Ability to apply techniques of conflict resolution  

- Demonstrated public speaking skills  

- Works well under pressure and able to meet deadlines  

- Good working knowledge and understanding of the issues related 
to Tibet  

- Skilled listener, thoughtful leader, sound decision maker  

- High integrity, outgoing personality, excellent interpersonal skills, 
sense of humor, creativity, and flexibility  

SFT will give preference to persons with significant experience in 
nonprofit management, advocacy campaigning, and a direct 
knowledge of the Tibet movement.  SFT does not discriminate on 
the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation.  

Compensation:    $34,000 - $38,000 per year, one-month vacation, 
complete benefits package, including full medical coverage  

Closing Date: January 2003  


From: "Tracy Van Slyke" <Tracy at>  

National Education Organizer  

Join a diverse and aggressive team of organizers and policy staff 
at the National Training and Information Center who are organizing 
national campaigns on issues that affect neighborhoods.  NTIC is a 
30-year old training and resource center for community 
organizations that are dedicated to direct-action organizing.  NTIC 
works with neighborhood organizations from across the country on 
issues such as reinvestment, predatory lending, education, youth, 
jobs and income support, neighborhood safety, and immigration.  
Learn more about NTIC at  

Job Description  

* Develop strategies with and provide training and technical 
assistance for community organizations engaged in local 
organizing campaigns around education issues.  

* Locate local organizations that have identified education as a 
local organizing issue.  

* Conduct a new power analysis of the Department of Education 
and analyze the political structures and climate in Washington, DC 
related to education issues.  Coordinate efforts to push a national 
agenda designed to relieve school overcrowding.  

* Develop a national leadership team on education issues that can 
wield power in the national arena.  

* Work with NTIC research team and Communications Director to 
develop research studies and reports on education issues that 
relate to the work of our local affiliate organizations.  

* Coordinate education organizing actions at our national events, 
including the Organizers Conference, the National Leadership 
Meeting, the National Leadership Summit, and the National 
Neighborhoods Conference.  

* Grant-writing and fundraising.  


4 years community, union, or issue organizing experience Ability to 
understand and simplify national policy  

Grant-writing and fundraising experience  

Not afraid of confrontation  

Willing to travel  

A good listener  

Compensation Competitive salary, based on experience. Health 

Send resume and cover letter to NTIC Organizing Director, George 
Goehl at george at or fax to 312/243-7044.  You can also 
send by mail to George Goehl, NTIC, 810 N. Milwaukee Ave., 
Chicago, IL 60622 - NO PHONE CALLS  

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