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Alliance for Retired Americans”a strong, new voice for retired 
workers and their families. The Alliance is not a senior citizens 
social club and it is not an organization formed to sell you things. It 
is a way for retired union members and others to make their voices 
heard. More than 2.7 million people are members already. The 
mission of the Alliance for Retired Americans is to ensure social 
and economic justice and full civil rights for all citizens so that they 
may enjoy lives of dignity, personal and family fulfillment and 
security. The Alliance believes that all older and retired persons 
have a responsibility to strive to create a society which incorporates 
these goals and rights; and that retirement provides them with 
opportunities to pursue new and expanded activities with their 
unions, civic organizations, and their communities. 

> [ed:  please feel welcomed to copy COMM-ORG with your 
> responses to Helen's query.  A bit from me below.]
> From: "Deines, Helen" <HDeines at spalding.edu>
> I am working on a study of the causes/consequences of older 
> persons participating in social movement activism. I have been 
> surprised to find a sparce empirical foundation regarding age as a 
> variable in activism.   
> Can anyone suggest sources of wisdom?  Is there anyone with a 
> common interst?  
> Helen Deines
> Associate Professor of Social Work
> Spalding University 
> Louisville KY
> hdeines at spalding.edu
> ********************************
> [ed:  Doug McAdam has written some stuff on "biographical 
> availability", saying that people's ability to participate in different 
> forms of activism changes as they travel through the life course.  
> Sorry I don't have a more specific reference.]
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