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Fri Dec 13 21:12:00 CST 2002

[ed:  here is a resource you can gain from and contribute to.]

From: "John Glass" <jeglass at>

NPAction has launched an effort to create an "open directory" of
advocacy-related resources for nonprofits, and we need your help.

The directory: contains links 
and descriptions provided directly by individuals and groups across 
a wide range of subjects. We're asking nonprofits to contribute a 
brief description and the URL link to their organization's website, or 
to a featured publication, resource page, or service. There is no 
fee, limit, or registration requirement for listing or submitting sites 
in the Directory.  

To submit your link, visit:

This will make the directory more useful-- and your efforts more
visible-- to groups visiting the site.

The Directory is different from a search engine in that it presents a 
sector-defined hierarchy of information, instead of search results 
based upon a comprehensive indexing of web sites. The subjects 
under which links are grouped are edited and maintained by staff and advisors. based upon feedback from site 
users. Each link is reviewed and placed where most appropriate, in 
order to ensure a consistent, easy-to-use tool for nonprofits to 
locate and contribute useful, relevant resources in a fair manner.  

Be sure to visit NPAction for other advocacy-related
content and features, and let us know what you think:

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