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From: "John M. Beam" <beam at fordham.edu>

Not sure how you want to approach this.  As starting point, I would 
get in touch with AARP and the UAW Retirees program.   I would 
guess they might actually have stats re/ their base.  

John M . Beam
National Center for Schools and Communities
Fordham University


From: "John Gaudette" <jgaudette at nwnf.org>

Karen Neilsen of the Northwest Neighborhood Federation has a 
Senior Citizen community organization on the northside of 
Chicago.  They take on internal issues ("asset-based" issues) like 
connecting seniors to highschool students and issues like 'home-
sharing'.  They also move on systemic issues ("Alinky-based" 
organizing) like forcing banks to create loan packages for seniors, 
opening a senior center, and getting City money into the area for 
home upgrades for recent stroke victims.  

Call her at 773-545-9300.

Good Luck

John Gaudette


From: JAnyon at aol.com

The words McAdam wrote about life-span availability that I read 
were in his early book, Freedom Summer. Jean Anyon


> From: "Deines, Helen" <HDeines at spalding.edu>
> I am working on a study of the causes/consequences of older 
> persons participating in social movement activism. I have been 
> surprised to find a sparce empirical foundation regarding age as a 
> variable in activism.   
> Can anyone suggest sources of wisdom?  Is there anyone with a 
> common interst?  
> Helen Deines
> Associate Professor of Social Work
> Spalding University 
> Louisville KY
> hdeines at spalding.edu
> ********************************

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