query: age and activism

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[ed:  please feel welcomed to copy COMM-ORG with your 
responses to Helen's query.  A bit from me below.]

From: "Deines, Helen" <HDeines at spalding.edu>

I am working on a study of the causes/consequences of older 
persons participating in social movement activism. I have been 
surprised to find a sparce empirical foundation regarding age as a 
variable in activism.   

Can anyone suggest sources of wisdom?  Is there anyone with a 
common interst?  

Helen Deines
Associate Professor of Social Work
Spalding University 
Louisville KY
hdeines at spalding.edu


[ed:  Doug McAdam has written some stuff on "biographical 
availability", saying that people's ability to participate in different 
forms of activism changes as they travel through the life course.  
Sorry I don't have a more specific reference.]

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