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[ed:  the CEHRC website announced below is now linked from the 
COMM-ORG Health Organizing page.]

From:    "Joseph Gordon" <Jgordon at>

My name is Joseph Gordon, and I have been working to help launch a new
website:  Community Environmental Health Resource Center (CEHRC  I spent a lot of time this summer combining and updating
the sections each of you (CCC, Comm-Org, Community Toolbox, NOA, and NHI
Shelterforce) have put together on training (and adding direct links), and
included some research of my own.  It was decided that such a comprehensive
list did not make sense for our site (although much of it was added), but I
wanted to offer you all the full list (attached) in the hope that you might
post it on your site.  I spoke to my employer, Ralph Scott who some of you
may know from AECLP (rscott at, and he thought this would be a good
idea and gave me the ok.

We borrowed a lot from your hard work, and made sure to credit you and
include links to your sites.  We hope you will also link to our site, and
perhaps get the word out about us since we just launched last week.  Our
site is designed to be a resource center to help people clean up household
dangers before kids get sick, and to help communities organize to solve
environmental problems around the country.  You might find the section "How
Communities Create Solutions" particularly relevant to your work.

Today is my last day working here, so this email will no longer work and
probably won't be checked.  If you would like to reach me I am at
jgordon77 at, or you could contact Ralph at his email or at
202-543-1147.  I hope some of you will find this information useful and I
wish all of you the best in the difficult and important work you are doing.


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