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[ed:  Margo and Kay discuss Peter's article.  His original message 
is reprinted below.]

From: "Margo Menconi" <malyme at>

That's an interesting article by Peter Dreier.  Another relevant issue 
might be that the more progressive people and organizations often 
don't have as easy of access to powerful meetings and decision-
making situations.  We're relegated to the advisory role, whereas 
corporations and governments have more ready access.  

And with decreasing accountability and transparency (cp. the 
recently passed Homeland Security Act), it's even harder to get the 
scoop on what's really happening to make a stand.  

Then government does some fast maneouvering with it's recent 
propensity to fast-tracking things, so that activists and interested 
parties don't have hardly a chance to have meaningful input.  

More money would help too though.

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From: "Kay Hannan" <drkay at>

I'd have to agree that Peter's article was such great
reading. It affirmed many ideas I have always held
about the American scenario, and then also prompted me
to think in the same light about social policy here. I
do appreciate your list members posting leads to their
stuff on here, and hope it continues.

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> From: "Peter Dreier" <dreier at>
> Hi. In case you're interested, here's the link to my article in the 
> current issue of Social Policy:  
> Social Justice Philanthropy: Can We Get More Bang for the Buck?
> Peter
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