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[ed:  This job post includes salary info.  Please e-mail Ben at the 
address below for the training description.]

From: "Ben MacConnell" <institute at>

Do you know anyone that's graduating this summer and is 
interested in a career in organizing around social and economic 

I am writing to you today because we are seeking applications from 
recent and upcoming graduating seniors for our community 
organizer positions due to start June, 2003. Selected Community 
Organizer Trainees will be paid to trained under seasoned 
organizers in the field, and will be given the opportunity to work 
directly on a multiple set of racial and economic justice issues like 
police misconduct, education reform, environmental justice, 
affordable housing, and others.  

Last year, we hired and trained 18 organizers through the four 
month DART Organizers Institute who went onto accept Executive 
Director and Immigrant Organizing positions throughout the country 
making between $27 - 34,000 in starting salaries. Attached you will 
find a brief description of our training for passing along to others 
you know that might be interested in community organizing. Please 
let me know if you would be kind enough to pass these materials 
along to fellow student activists.  

Ben MacConnell
Direct Action & Research Training Center
Ph: (785) 841-2680 <>

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