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Doctoral Graduate Assistantships The College of Urban and Public 
Affairs has received funding for up to four Graduate Assistantships 
for pursuit of the Ph.D. degree in Urban Studies, with majors 
available in city planning, urban history, and urban affairs. The 
assistantships include tuition and provide monthly stipends 
beginning at $1,000, payable in 12 installments per year, and are 
renewable for up to two years. I would like your help in locating 
superior students who might be interested in this opportunity for 
support of their doctoral studies. The diversity of our faculty, who 
have advanced degrees in anthropology, city and regional 
planning, civil engineering, urban history, landscape architecture, 
political science, public administration, regional science, social 
policy, and urban geography, allows students to pursue a variety of 
research interests. I hope you will share it with students who are or 
might be considering application to a doctoral program for the fall 
semester of 2002. The University of New Orleans is a Carnegie 
Doc II institution and the urban university of the Louisiana State 
University System. Currently some 16,000 students are enrolled, 
including 3,900 in graduate programs. Although our doctoral 
program is relatively new (we enrolled our first students in 1990), 
we have graduated thirty-five students with the Ph.D. degree and 
have over fifty doctoral students in residence. Our graduates have 
accepted positions with academic institutions, government 
agencies, and the private sector.  

Please inquire:

Mickey Lauria, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
University Research Professor and LMHA Professor 
     of Urban Planning and Urban Affairs
Director, Division of Urban Research and Policy Studies
Director, Ph.D. in Urban Studies
College of Urban and Public Affairs
University of New Orleans
New Orleans, Louisiana 70148
504-280-7106 (voice)
504-280-6272 (fax)

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