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Featuring Innovative Thinking in the Nonprofit Sector
November 2002, Issue 17

A. *The Lobbying and Advocacy Handbook for Nonprofit Organizations,* available from the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation, was written by Marcia Avner of the Minnesota Council for Nonprofits. The book provides some very practical approaches to influencing policy at the local, state, and national 
levels and includes help on creating a planning process. The most helpful section of the book is the Worksheets, which provide step-by-step guidance. To order the book, go to: 


B. *Advocacy and Lobbying without Fear: What Is Allowed within a 501 (c) (3) Charitable Organization* by Thomas Raffa, Nonprofit Quarterly. Understanding the distinction between lobbying and advocacy is an important first step in knowing what is permissible in your efforts to affect public 
policy. To download the article go to:


C. *Advocacy 101* is presented on the Center for Community Change Web site, which provides some helpful articles on how to advocate, how to pick winning issues, and what you can and cannot do legally. To view the Web site go to: 


D. The Nonprofit Lobbying Guide by Bob Smucker is available online (in Adobe PDF format) on the Charity Lobbying for the Public Interest Web site. This is an essential resource for any nonprofit wanting to take on more of a role in lobbying. It includes background on the lobbying laws, on 
grassroots coalitions, and on using electronic media and other topics. The entire website is an excellent source of information. To access this guide go to: 


E. The Office of Management and Budget Watch (OMB Watch) has a nonprofit advocacy section which provides current articles on nonprofit advocacy, and resources for nonprofits that want to be informed and prepared to advocate. To review this online resource, go to: 


F. *Advocacy, Oh, Yes You Can*,* a whole issue of the Nonprofit Quarterly focuses on advocacy as a core competency for nonprofits. To view some of the articles and the table of contents, go to:


G. Alliance for Justice has a Nonprofit Advocacy Project that works to strengthen the voice of the nonprofit sector in important public policy debates by giving tax-exempt organizations a better understanding of the laws that govern their participation in the policy process. The Project provides 
workshops, research and publications, and other technical assistance. To view their Web site: 


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