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The Autumn 2001 issue of "Making Waves: Canada's Community 
Economic Development Magazine" concerns CED initiatives 
launched and sustained by people as an expression of their 
religious conviction.  

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Waves" on the menu bar. Apologies for cross-postings.  

Some selections from the Contents:  

DEVELOPMENT What exactly can communities of faith bring to 
community revitalization? Research in the 1980s uncovered a 
roster of tasks (especially in relation to local leadership) at which 
religious institutions proved themselves not uniquely, but 
particularly adept.  

FAITH-BASED SUPPORT FOR CED Theologian Gregory Baum 
reflects on the factors that now motivate many Christians and other 
believers, in the words of Karl Polanyi, to "re-embed" economic 
activity in our social relationships.  

entrepreneur integrates the financial assistance of Christian 
organizations with the realities of on-reserve economic 
development. The match is not an easy one by any means, but it is 

JUST, GOOD FOOD Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company is not a 
community enterprise in any formal sense. Yet Christian conviction 
leads the owners to use the bakery as channel of local vitality, 
nourishing the surroundings with good food, good jobs, and good 
sense about a sustainable economy.  

A MIGHTY LONG WAY Many - many - practitioners talk about 
CED strictly in the here and now, in rigid, measurable terms. Not so 
in Preston, Nova Scotia, where African Canadians drink long and 
deep from the faith, courage, and skill of their community-building 

FAITH-BASED COLLABORATION The experience of Coastal 
Enterprises Inc. of Maine is indicative of how the qualities and 
resources of religious institutions could change the face of CED in 
the United States  given effective partnerships between religious 
groups and community development corporations.  

INVITATION TO A FEAST Lemon & Allspice Cookery is sustained 
by faith, love, and skill - and by the Common Ground Co-operative, 
which lends form and system to the actions of supporters.  

RECOMMENDED READING Selections from the 2001 edition of 
the Annotated Bibliography for Faith-Based Community Economic 
Development, a remarkable resource published by the National 
Congress for Community Economic Development.  

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