In memory of Rosemary Derrick

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Fri Sep 28 09:13:50 CDT 2001

[ed:  thanks to Kim for the further reflections on Rosemary 
Derrick's life.]

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I too have been mourning Rosemary Derrick's death, feeling the loss, and 
holding her in my thoughts during this reflective time in the Jewish calendar. 
Rosemary was a NOA Board member from '94 to '99 and was active in the 
Organizers of African Descent Caucus and on the most recent Board Nominating 
Committee.  Deceptively soft spoken and always shunning the spotlight, she 
brought the power of her principles, along with shrewd assessments, a lovely 
sense of humor and a great humanity. NOA is a different and better organization 
because she cared about it, and my life is better for having known her 
generosity of spirit and her smile.  Kim

[ed:  NOA is the National Organizers Alliance, about which 
you can learn more at ]

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