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[ed:  Zachary's message sounds like an opportunity for a 
community organization to negotiate a mutually beneficial 

From: "Zachary Korb" <korbz324 at newschool.edu>

I am a Graduate Student at the Milano Graudate School of 
Management and Urban Policy (New School University).  

This semester I was planning to compete my Master's Thesis 
in partnership with a New York City agency. Due to the events 
of Sept. 11, the agency is overwhelmed with immediate affairs, 
which has left me without a partner organization to work with... 
and therefore no topic for my final paper.  

I am seeking another organization- in the NYC metro area- to 
work with in the Urban Policy field to complete a semester 
long policy analytic project. This project needs to be focused 
producing research and recommendations that will employed 
in organzational descision making. I am most interested in 
economic and community development issues, land use and 
community planning, and general urban affairs.  

If your organization has an issue to work on in these general 
areas, please feel free to contact me ASAP at 
korbz324 at newschool.edu.  

Thank you very much!

Zachary Korb

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