Organizing around September 11, 2001

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[ed:  thanks to Ed and Katie for the organizing resources.]

Ed Schwartz <edcivic at>

ISCV Web Page Focuses on War on Terrorism and Civic Values

Will the new War on Terrorism strengthen America's civic values or 
undermine them?  

This question is the focus of a new web page on the ISCV web site 
devoted to the War on Terrorism and Civic Values, accessed at  

The site includes links to the following online resources:

1.  Speeches, News Conferences, and Press Releases from the 
Bush administration related to the War on Terrorism. 

2. Key legislation related to the War, along with links to leaders 
and members of Congress. 

3. Think-tanks, journals, and articles related to the "Department of 
Homeland Security" that is being established by the Bush 

4. Media links offering ongoing online coverage of the crisis. 

5. Organizations raising funds for the victims of the attack, as well 
as groups helping us support one another in other ways. 

6. A new Study Circle discussion guide--"Facing the Future: How 
Should We Respond to the Attack on Our Nation." 

7. Citizen groups engaged in the public policy debate over the War 
on Terrorism, from Right and Left. 

8.  Presidential pronouncements related to "War and Civic Values" 
from George Washington's response to the Whiskey Rebellion to 
George H. Bushs' speech on the "New World Order."  

We offer the site as a resource to  citizens, teachers, and students 
who are wrestling with the issues--new and old--raised by the War 
on Terrorism and War and Civic Values generally.  

We welcome suggestions for online resources that we might have 

Ed Schwartz

From: Katie Howard <khoward at>

Hello, Comm-Org-ers,

As I've watched the posts over the past few weeks (on all of the list 
servs that i am a part of) I've noticed how strongly people want to 
_do_ something about the incidents of September 11th, especially 
those of us who are physically so far away.  

I believe that one way that people can begin to think about what 
happened in productive, or future oriented ways, is to engage in 
community conversations.  Public Dialogue brings together people 
with diverse perspectives to listen to each other, to speak, to 
engage in dialogue - by encouraging them to be open to other 
perspectives, and to share their own.  

In this vein, i offer two resources (which you may already be aware 

1.  Participate in on-line dialogue convened by Search for Common 
Ground USA.  If you are interested in participating, contact Chip 
Hauss Director, Policy and Research Search for Common Ground 
USA chauss at  

2.  Convene dialogue groups in your community. The Study Circles 
Resource Center has just released a facilitator/discussion guide for 
holding conversations about the events of 9/11/2001.  It is titled, 
"Facing the Future: How should we Resond to the Attack on Our 

You may download the guide at

Best Regards,


Katie Howard
Coordinator, Civic Engagement Initiative

Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center
520 South El Camino Real, Suite 640
San Mateo, CA 94402
Phone: 650-373-3490  :  Fax: 650-373-3495

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