In memory of Rosemary Derrick

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Fri Sep 21 18:12:00 CDT 2001

[ed:  thanks to Steve for the thoughts on Rosemary's life.  I 
have been told that information about memorial funds will be 

From: "Steve Taylor" <Stevemt at>

Hi all:

I had the great privilege of working with Michael and Rosemary Derrick when
I lived and worked in Tennessee.  Their knowledge, commitment, vision, and
perseverance were - and are - inspirations.

My thoughts go out to Michael, Walter, and everyone at JONAH, SEP, NOA, and
the many other organizations and individuals touched by Rosemary.

Please let us know about memorial funds.  I would love to send a gift to
JONAH, SEP, or whatever other organization Rosemary's family, friends, and
colleagues might desire in her memory.

In Solidarity,

Steve Taylor

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