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[ed:  during this time of so much sadness we have more 
sadness to share.  And, as always during these times, we 
also have an example of commitment to give us strength.]

From: Southern Empowerment Project 
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Dear Com-Org friends,

We have tried to reach as many people as possible who knew 
Rosemary Derrick with the news of her passing last Monday. 
Please share the details.  

Rosemary Derrick, Leadership Development Coordinator of the 
Southern Empowerment, was a native of Rock Springs, 
Tennessee. She worked for JONAH, an African-American 
organizing group in West Tennessee for ten years, serving as 
an intern, organizer and as Director. She had worked for SEP 
for eleven years (you can see a picture of her on our web site 
being honored for ten years of service by the organizing class 
of 2000). She served on the steering committee of the National 
Organizers Alliance (stepping down this year after two terms) 
and played a leading role in the Organizers of African Descent 
caucus. She served two years on the coordinating committee 
of the Southern Organizing Cooperative. In her community, 
she served on the board of the Southwest Tennessee 
Development District, a senior citizens center, and an advisory 
committee of the local agricultural extension service.  In her 
local community and family that she carried heavy 
responsibilities with joy and love.  

Services for Rosemary Buckley Derrick, 50 will be Sept. 21, 
2001 at 1:00 p.m. at Mt. Ararat Primitive Baptist Church in 
Cedar Grove, Tennessee with burial to follow at the church 
cemetery. Survivors include four brothers along with several 
nieces, nephews, cousins and friends to mourn her passing. 
For more info. Call Trinity Funeral Home 731-644-2251. you 
can write to the family: Michael Derrick, 5475 Mt. Gilead 
Road, Cedar Grove TN 38321. Messages by email can be 
sent to the Southern Empowerment Project at 
souempow at or through the SEP web site at  No announcement has 
been made about memorial funds.  

This has been an extremely difficult week for us. The staff and 
board of the Southern Empowerment Project lost a co-worker 
who was also a friend who meant so much to us. Thank you 
to those who have sent comforting and loving messages from 
all over the country. We knew no one who gave of herself more 
generously. She believed in the work we do deeply. We 
celebrate in having been part of her life.  

After some healing time, we will share more reflections on our 
web pages.  

Walter Davis for the staff and board of SEP  


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