Organizing around September 11, 2001

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Wed Sep 19 15:12:15 CDT 2001

[ed:  thanks to Kate and Renee for the organizing example 
and thoughts.]

From: Kate Williams <katewill at>

Campus discussion has begun on Sept 11 and its aftermath.  A new website 
presenting complete sound files, photos, text, and links regarding campus 
events and links to other voices: click on 911

Any campus discussion that is recorded, or a link to it, can be posted on 
this site.  Contact the web team at abdul.alkalimat at

- - -
Kate Williams
doctoral student, U-M School of Information
research assistant, Alliance for Community Technology


From: Renee DeLapp <renee at>

Things organizations can do:
"Not in Our Town" was a film made about Billings, Montana where the 
community fought anti-Semitic violence by distributing a picture of a 
Menorah through the newspaper and asking that people share it.
Then all of your standard:  interfaith gathering, candlelight vigil, 
educational series, some visual symbol of peace, in-home story circles and 
historical reading groups....

Of course, my favorite, ask that corporate interests weigh in 
opposing war....


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