Organizing around September 11, 2001

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From: "David M. Chavis" <dchavis at>

Please send me  examples or ideas of what community organizations,
foundations, and other groups can do or are doing. We are compiling a list
and hope to circulate it through the internet Monday or Tuesday.  We have,
as does most everyone, the emergency relief information. We want to look a
little ahead.

We are interested in how communities can  prevent and deal with the backlash
toward Middle Easterners  and Muslims as well as other ways communities
can deal with the shock, grief, and maybe even have some good come out of

We will send this list to Comm-Org as soon as it is completed.


David M. Chavis
Association for the Study and Development of Community
312 South Frederick Ave.
Gaithersburg, MD 20877
301.519.0722  ext 109 (voice)
301.519.0724 (fax)

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