Organizing around September 11, 2001

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Fri Sep 14 23:12:00 CDT 2001

Hi COMM-ORG.  Thanks to the dozen or so of you who 
responded to my query on how to handle the September 11 
tragedy.  As always, you provide wise and diverse counsel. 

Based on those reactions, I am posting general reactions on 
the COMM-ORG "Announcements" list.  

You can send messages the same way you always have--to 
me directly, to colist, or replying to the Announce list 
messages if you are subscribed.

You can subscribe to that list at: 

(note the web address probably wraps to two lines)

You can also view the messages on the web site without 
subscribing at:

(note the web address probably wraps to two lines)

Follow the subject heading "September 11, 2001."

Currently, the following messages are there:

1.  An on-line petition

2.  A reaction from the Richmond Bishop

3.  A reflection from Dave Beckwith in New York City

4.  A story on hatred against middle-Eastern immigrants and 

5.  A palestinian reaction

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