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[ed:  thanks to Larry for responding to Paul's query.]

From: Larry Yates <lyates at chej.org>

Paul Gowder asks if there is ownership of a mobile home park by a public
housing authority anywhere. I don't know about that, but there has been
ownership of one by a housing nonprofit in Central Virginia since the
last 1970s, I believe continuing to this day. The group is

Buckingham Housing Development Corporation
          PO Box 400 
          Dillwyn, Va. 23936 
          PDC - 14: Prince Edward, Cumberland, and Buckingham Counties 
          Contact: Bob Lenz 
          (804) 983-2601 
          fax (804) 983-5459 

This project dealt with a rural problem -- many people had their mobile
homes on land to which they did not have clear title, often because
their household was only one of many which had an inheritance claim to
the land. The park was set up and folks gained the stability of land
they could legally stay on, as well as competent nonprofit management. 

If anyone contacts Buckingham Housing, tell Bob I sent you. He hired me
for my first nonprofit job in 1981. 

Larry Yates

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