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From: "Matthew Shapiro" <mshapiro21 at cableone.net>

Hello Community Folk,

I wanted to let you know about something we are trying to 
create in our neighborhood here in Boise. It's called Block 
Friends. It might in some ways sound similar to the "block 
captain" concept, but it's a bit difference. It involves finding a 
person on every block - corner to corner, both sides of the 
street  (and there are about 700 of those in our neighborhood) -
 who is willing to (a) meet every person living on their block, 
(b) communicate alerts from the neighborhood association to 
residents, and (c) gain an understanding of the issues, 
concerns, desires of residents and communicate those to the 
association (via Block Friend Coordinators).  

In addition, we will encourage the Block Friend to bring 
together everyone on their block for a gathering - whether 
serious or just fun - once every quarter, or even more often, if 
they wish. This would probably turn out to be the most 
significant part of the Block Friends program, but would take 
the most time and overcoming of fear.  

Is anyone out there aware of similar programs? Let me know.


Matthew Shapiro
North End Neighborhood Association
Boise, Idaho

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