Organize Ohio suffers major setback as CCHD rescinds grant

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[ed:  Joseph is responding to Steve's August 30 post.]

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RE: CCHD funding

The posting by Steve Taylor regarding CCHD's supposed political 
objectives to divide the progressive community, I believe, is a 
rather uninformed view of CCHD's historic role in the funding of 
low-income community groups and its place in the Catholic 
Church. As other people have noted, CCHD funds arise from the 
annual collection in Catholic parishes. The $15 million 
collected each year through the collection is based on the 
principles of Catholic social teaching, which includes the 
doctrinal point of respect for the human person. Of course, for 
Catholics this means respect for life from conception to death.

It might be helpful to look at the whole picture regarding 
social justice doctrine which drives the Catholic motivation to 
support projects that protect labor rights, protection of the 
elderly and handicapped, support of the self-determination of 
women and minorities, as well as the abolition of the death 
penalty. All of these are part of a progressive agenda. The 
concept of a "seamless garment" of respect for life propels many 
progressive Catholics to be against the death penalty, for the 
protection of the handicapped and the elderly, and also be 
against abortion. At the very least Catholics have an 
articulated philosophy of justice that is clear and 
institutionally maintained. Which means that CCHD is reflecting 
the values of this philosophy.

Thus, for an agency to apply for CCHD funding it is clear in the 
application process that the agency cannot be against the 
fundamental principles of Catholic social teaching. After all, 
these are private funds given by Catholics in the pews. If 
progressives who are pro-choice want projects funded, why don't 
they try to start up a fund similar to CCHD? CCHD is not a 
foundation like Ford or Pew. It represents rank and file 
Catholics giving 5 or 10 dollars in the collection who want to 
advance justice through their Church's teaching.
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