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World AIDS Day 2001

For the 8th Year, Housing Works will host an epic commemoration 
of World AIDS Day on Saturday December 1st, and we hope that 
you will once again join us as a co-sponsor or endorser of this 

Our World AIDS Day Commemoration pays homage to the people 
that we have known and lost to AIDS. While, the new war on 
terrorism has overtaken public and governmental agenda since 
September 11th, the crisis of homeless and AIDS have not 
stopped. The 2001 World AIDS Day Commemoration will remind 
our elected officials and all other New Yorkers that people with 
AIDS are dying right here in New York and around the world from 
lack of adequate housing and care. Because of the events of 
September 11th we have had to move our event from City Hall 
Park to Harlem State Office Building, 163 West 125th Street @ 
Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Boulevard. The event will begin at 
midnight with a lone reader at a microphone in the plaza of the 
Harlem State Office Building, reciting the names of people who 
have died with AIDS. At dawn, four more readers will gradually join 
in until five voices are intermingling, suggesting the overwhelming 
devastation of our communities.  

For past eight years we have held a 24-hour vigil in City Hall Park 
with the theme, 'Tell the Mayor People with AIDS are Dying.' This 
year as a new mayor and many new City Council members come 
into office, we here at Housing Works have decided to broaden the 
focus of our World AIDS Day Commemoration to bring attention to 
devastating impact of AIDS across the city, country and the world. 
This year we will 'Tell the World: People with AIDS are Still Dying.' 
Worldwide an estimated 36.1 million people are living with HIV. 
Last year, 3 million people died with AIDS and 21.8 million people 
have been lost since the epidemic began. In the United States, 
there are over 317,000 registered cases of AIDS. New York City is 
the ground zero, not only for the tragedy of September 11th, but 
also for AIDS epidemic in the United States. Over 42,000 New 
Yorkers are living with AIDS today, many thousands more have 

We invite you to join us for a World AIDS Day Commemoration 
that New Yorkers cannot ignore and will not easily forget. There are 
several ways your organization can be involved.  

*	Sponsor: We ask that organizations wishing to co-sponsor 
the event donate $500 to help defray the costs, commit people to 
read names for a block of time, and collect names to be read and 
photographs to be displayed. If possible we also hope that your 
organization would invite people to the march and rally.  

*	Endorser: We are asking endorsers to cover a block of 
reading time and to gather names to be read and photographs to be 

We envision the Vigil to be an opportunity to unite many 
organizations and individuals who are fighting the twin epidemics of 
AIDS and apathy, but we encourage every participating 
organization to do an independent action as well.  

Attached is a list soliciting names to be read at the vigil; please feel 
free to distribute copies to your staff, clients and friends. For more 
information call Delia Yarrow at (212) 966-0466 ext. 1120 or e-mail 
me at yarrow at  

terri smith-caronia
Director, NYC Policy
Housing Works NYC Advocacy Department
212-966-0466, ext. 1296
212-925-9618 (fax)
509-267-7663 (fax)
smith-caronia at

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