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[ed:  Jean-Robert raises some interesting questions on anti-drug 

 From: "Jean-Robert Primeau" <jrprim at>

Hi Randy ! I cannot stay silent on this one.

Is pursuing a 'drug free' America a progressive community 
organizing effort

Not in my view ! Not recognizing the mere reality of the presence of 
after 92 years of prohibition in American land (first law in 1909) and 
opposing the tragic war on drugs with it's racist consequences (see  -- "African Americans 
comprise 12%
of the nation's population, and 13% of its drug users, yet they 
account for
one third of all drug-related arrests and nearly two thirds of all
convictions. The impact of the black market and drug enforcement 
on the
Black community is socially, economically and politically 
devastating.") in
the US and the great turmoils in the Third World seems to me 

Isn't community organizing also about consciousness rising ? Like 
tobacco or alcohol, the challenge is to learn to manage drugs. 
Trying to
eliminate them is idealistic, moralistic and destructive. Leaving the 
market to gangs and mafias is the best way to have our children be 
to any drug, anywhere, any time.

Jean-Robert Primeau
Montréal, Québec

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