Upcoming Quebec City protests

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Thu May 10 11:37:13 CDT 2001

[ed: Can anyone inform us on the French phrase in yesterday's message?  I 
don't know if the original source of the message was from Quebec.  It may 
have originated from the U.S. where "Le Grande Fromage" is common.  But all 
I can find in Canada/Quebec or France is  La Grande Fromage or Le Grand 
Fromage, as Martin notes.  I just thought we should find out if U.S. 
cultural imperialism is running amok again.  :-)  ]

From: "Martin C. Tangora" <tangora at uic.edu>

In French that would be Grand Fromage.
Or is it feminine gender in its slang meaning?
But then it should be *La* and not Le.

 >>original message>>

>DIST is also announcing a campaign of teddy bear rage aimed at freeing the 
>prisoners captured during the Summit of the Americas.  They are asking 
>people to catch as many stuffed animals as they can, and mail them to Le 
>Grande Fromage, Jean Chretien (this can be done free of charge), and to 
>Quebec Justice Minister Paul Begin (addresses below).

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