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here's a good one - for the linguistically challenged, Le Grande Fromage
means The Big Cheese.
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Subject: FTAA: Trade in your Teddy Bear for an AK47

  Hi all! My inbox is full of a zillion messages- almost all of which are on
  the FTAA and Quebec. I am sure many of them are informative and important,
  but I have chosen to forward this one tonight, as it is by far the


  Simone / Mony

  [please distribute widely]

  Turn in your teddy bear for an AK47
  Demand Conjugal Visits for all Political Prisoner Now!

On April 20th, during protests against the Summit of the Americas, Jaggi 
Singh was nabbed by undercover police and charged with several offenses, 
the most serious being possession of a dangerous weapon.  The weapon in 
question was an enormous catapult used to launch helpless teddy bears 
across the security perimeter. Those responsible for this heinous crime 
have denied that Singh had anything to do with their glorious catapult, and 
today will be sending in signed confessions of guilt to the authorities, 
and turning in their stuffed comrades to local police stations across the 
country.   Meanwhile, Singh has been denied bail, and will be held for 
several months until his trial.

DIST, the group behind the catapult action, has also learned that Singh and 
other political prisoners are being denied conjugal visits.  Needless to 
say, this is a clear violation of the Geneva Convention, and DIST has asked 
that Amnesty International investigate this terrible abuse of human rights.

DIST is also announcing a campaign of teddy bear rage aimed at freeing the 
prisoners captured during the Summit of the Americas.  They are asking 
people to catch as many stuffed animals as they can, and mail them to Le 
Grande Fromage, Jean Chretien (this can be done free of charge), and to 
Quebec Justice Minister Paul Begin (addresses below).

In order to encourage the public to send in their stuffed animals, DIST has 
sent out a fake press release and set up a fake web page, announcing a 
teddy bear exchange program, similar to the gun exchanges which occur in 
the United States.

  DIST is demanding the following:
  1) We want our catapult back!
  2) Free Jaggi Singh and other POW's
  3) Conjugal visits for all political prisoners
  4) Worldwide revolution with eternal grooviness as its only goal

  We ask that people turn in their stuffed animals until all
  demands are met.

  emails of rage can be sent to:
  paul.begin/depute/pq at assnat.qc.ca

  More information can be found at http://tao.ca/~wrench/dist

  --------------------- fake press release-----------------------
  For Immediate Release
  Wednesday, May 2nd

Last week, during the Summit of Americas, citizens of this country were 
shocked to see teddy bears being launched from a catapult at our brave 
security forces. While our police were protected by their riot armour 
(thankfully!), we feel it is incumbent upon us to ensure that never again, 
will the lives of our officers be put in jeopardy by teddy bear 
violence.  One of the suspected catapulters has been apprehended, and we 
will spare no effort to ensure that he is brought to justice.

However, the prosecution of those involved in this act of teddy terror is 
not enough.  Today, the Justice Department is announcing a new program to 
get dangerous teddy bears off the streets.  For the safety of our children, 
and for the safety of all, we need to act.

Today, we are kick-starting our teddy bear exchange program.  We ask that 
our fellow citizens send us their teddy bears, in exchange for items 
ranging from tear gas canisters, to batons, to AK47's

We do not seek to ban teddy bears.  We know that good, law-abiding citizens 
sometimes own teddy bears for legitimate purposes.  Rather, we seek to 
reduce the number of teddy bears out there, to ensure that a plague of 
teddy bear atrocities will not infect this great country of ours.

It is astounding that anyone can walk into a thrift shop, Salvation Army or 
toy store, and buy, without a license, or background check, as many stuffed 
animals as they want.  That is why we are working with Parliament, to enact 
strong teddy bear legislation, to ensure that teddy bears do not fall into 
the hands of criminals.  More importantly, we will continue to enforce 
existing teddy bear control laws, in order to stem the tide of teddy-violence.

  In the meantime, we implore our fellow citizens to send in their stuffed
  animals.  Canadians can mail them for free to:
  Stop Teddy Violence
  c/o Jean Chretien, Le Grande Fromage
  House of Commons, Ottawa Ontario

  Or those with money can send them to:
  Paul Begin
  Justice Ministry
  1200 Route de L'Eglise,  9th Floor
  Ste. Foy, PQ   G1V 4M1

  Paul Begin
  Minister of Justice

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[Jaggi Singh was ordered released on bail on May 7 following Teddy Bear 
demonstrations demanding his release, but is prohibited from demonstrating 
or possessing a megaphone :-)  .  Learn more at: 

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