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Dear Friends,

We want to alert you to a growing career opportunity in the labor
movement. The AFL-CIO is recruiting Campaign Researchers to fill
openings around the country and across the labor movement.

Campaign researchers work alongside union organizers to help develop
campaign strategies, analyze industries and companies, investigate
legal, regulatory, and political issues, and turn their research into a
wide range of campaign-related materials and tactics. The work is
fast-paced and requires sharp political/strategic skills, strong
technical research skills, willingness to work long hours with tight
deadlines, and above all, a heart-felt commitment to fighting for
economic justice within the labor movement.

The brochure text pasted below describes these opportunities in greater
detail and provides information about how to apply for the jobs.

We will need to fill over twenty openings for campaign researchers in
the next few months alone. These immediate positions will be in (but not
limited to) the following cities: Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Detroit,
Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Madison, Minneapolis, New York City/New Jersey,
Orlando, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, DC.

We would be most grateful if you would take a minute to look through the
information below and share it with anyone you think might be

Please direct any questions you have to JobSearch at

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and for helping us to
spread the word about these new opportunities to work in the labor


Florence Gardner
Center for Strategic Research

Fight for Economic Justice!


We're looking for activists with different levels of experience and

Are You ...
* Committed to working for justice as part of the union movement?
* A seasoned researcher or want to become one?
* Someone with a background in union or community organizing, political
campaigns, or student activism?
* A recent college graduate or grad student?
* A professional with experience in economic analysis, corporate and
industry research, employment law, urban planning, corporate social
responsibility or investigative journalism?
* Someone with specialized skills, including research experience in
financial markets, commercial real estate development, legal analysis,
extensive industry-specific knowledge, environmental law, bank
redlining, and immigration rights?
* Willing to work with tight deadlines and rapidly changing
circumstances, and to travel and work long hours?
* Looking for either full time work or short term contract work?

Then you should apply to be a Campaign Researcher on union organizing
campaigns around the country!

Campaign researchers...
* Work as part of a team to develop and assess campaign strategies,
uncover corporate wrongdoing and document key workplace issues.
* Gather and analyze a wide range of information to support organizing
and negotiating with employers. This research involves quantitative and
qualitative analysis of a variety of economic, regulatory, and legal
* Write and present this information in a compelling way for workers,
the media, policymakers, employers, and community leaders.
* Work both in an office and in the field. Researchers have or develop
proficiency in computer research skills, including: online research,
specialized databases, and presentation software. And they have or
develop skills strong field research methods from interviewing to
analysis of public documents not available on line.

Campaign Researchers Fight Corporate Abuse with Information, Knowledge
and Action!

All This and I Get Paid Too!
Salaries are highly cometitive and will vary depending on the union, the
geographic location of the job, and the scope of job responsibilities.
These jobs provide excellent benefits.

Here are a few stories from researchers currently working on campaigns:
"I live in Seattle and work for a cooperative project that involves many
different unions all doing new organizing in Seattle. In the last three
years, my work has included preparing an in-depth profile of conditions
in the local child care industry; helping to develop city legislation to
improve wages for stagehands in rock and roll; conducting a survey of
Port of Seattle truckers and producing a "white paper" on the problems
those workers face; training students and union members to do campaign
research; and helping map out an organizing agenda for high-tech temp
workers in the region. I was also in the thick of organizing for the
World Trade Organization protests in Seattle last year."
-- Julie Farb
"The work is intense and demanding, but it's also incredibly exciting. I
thought I would have to go to grad school to get this much
responsibility and opportunity for growth in a job. But as a researcher
for the union movement, my work is highly valued and it's for a cause I
believe in."

-- Paulina Gonzales

"For the last two years I have worked as a researcher on the Respect at
LAX campaign, a campaign which is organizing four thousand service
workers at the airport in Los Angeles. I have helped the unions assess
their role in the multi-billion dollar airport expansion; done an
in-depth study of worker and passenger safety regulation at the airport;
briefed local politicians and community leaders about the goals of our
campaign; and worked with organizers and workers to expose company
wrongdoings. We have won several important victories since we started
this campaign, including getting union recognition and higher wages and
benefits for over a thousand workers."

-- Eddie Iny

"Some of the work involves spending hours doing detailed quantitative
reearch at a computer or in the basement of some City Hall. But a whole
lot of it is out in the field interviewing people and actively helping
to shape the campaign strategy."

-- Carolina Briones

"I have been working for the last year in Louisiana on a campaign to
improve wages, working conditions, and job training for thousands of
maritime workers who supply the off-shore oil drilling platforms in the
Gulf of Mexico. I have done industry research to document occupational
safety and environmental problems that concern workers and have studied
growth and productivity issues facing the industry. I work with
financial analysts in Washington DC and organizers and mariners in

-- Chris Bohner

"I was part of a team of seven researchers on the UFW/AFL-CIO Strawberry
Workers campaign on the central coast of California. Our
responsibilities included taking mounds of data on pesticides and trying
to put them into a form that workers and activists could use to change
the laws to make farm work safer. We put together press, organized
rallies, and even went to Japan to talk to consumers there. We did
research that made possible a nationwide campaign that won the support
of thousands of grocery stores and that alerted millions of Americans to
the still atrocious conditions of agricultural work in this country."
-- Sissy Wood

"After being a Legal Aid attorney for six years and participating in my
local union, I wanted to apply my skills to helping organize new
In the past year and a half, I've worked as a researcher on organizing
campaigns in Texas, Michigan, and Wisconsin.  It feels great that my
has helped bring workers better wages, working conditions, and
dignity on their jobs."
-- Sandra Engle

"The United Farm Workers hired me straight out of college and taught me
to be a strategic researcher. I got interested in labor issues as a
student activist and now I have been able to put my research skills and
my beliefs in social justics to good use in fighting for workin

-- Martha Guzman

The AFL-CIO is assisting in recruitment of researchers for job openings
with many different unions and the AFL-CIO in a wide variety of
campaigns requiring different skills and experience levels. In
submitting your materials to the AFL-CIO, you are agreeing to have them
placed on a private web site that these unions may consult to help fill
their job openings. If you are interested in doing this kind of work,
this is the best way to get your information out to all the unions who
are hiring campaign researchers.

Upon receipt of your materials, we will send you an email confirming
that we have received them. Submitting your materials is not a guarantee
of being interviewed or getting employment. If a union is interested in
pursuing your application, someone from that union will contact you

Please email us these three things:
1. A cover letter explaining why you want to do this work and how your
background prepares you for such a job; indicate if you are interested
in employment only in certain states; and please tell us where you heard
about the job openings.
2. Your resume;
3. A short (1-10 pages) writing sample. This writing sample is ideally
an example of previous research you have done.

JobSearch at We cannot accept hard copy (faxed or mailed)
materials and we cannot accept emailed materials that are in formats
other than ".txt" (ie, ".doc" or ".zip" or ".pdf" files).

People of color and women are encouraged to apply.

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