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Thu May 3 12:00:24 CDT 2001

Hi COMM-ORG.  Here are some web site additions.  Thanks to James Whelan for 

*In the "CO Groups and Networks" page, Australia section:

Council of Australians, a multi-issue network of concerned individuals and 

The Rivermouth Action Group Inc, with links to 39 (and growing) community 
and evinronmental action groups.

*In the "Training & Technical Assistance" page, On-Line Training Manuals 

..anyone can: A guide to starting an environmental group nd running an 
environmental campaign by Robin K.VilIiers Brown, Published by the 
Queensland Conservation Council.

Movement Action Plan by Bill Moyer, provided through the Council of 

Strategic Questioning: an approach to creating personal and social change 
by Fran Peavey and edited by Vivian Hutchinson

Understanding activism, by Cameron Shorter.

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