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Another example of online organizing/campaigning.  It will be interesting 
to see what impact this has....
From:   "OMB Watch" <ombwpromo at>
Date:   3/23/01 6:23PM
Subject:        Petition to Preserve the Estate Tax

 From the Coalition to Preserve the Estate Tax:

It is easy to forget just what a powerful impact on government we
can have as individuals.  The following petition sponsored by already has MORE THAN 17,000 INDIVIDUALS in
favor of preserving the estate tax.  This is a powerful statement.

As part of a coalition of nonprofit groups opposing repeal, we're
sending this petition to you with the hope that you will choose to
help the petition top off at 20,000 INDIVIDUAL SIGNATURES.
Even if your organization has signed on to similar petitions, this is
a chance for you to make your own statement against estate tax
repeal and then send it on to others for even more signatures!

Because the petition is sorted by state, we are able to use it in
lobbying visits and also hope to use the final document in a bigger


The petition, which allows for PERSONAL COMMENTS, is located
at and reads as

"Preserve the estate tax on the very rich, and defend our country's
proud legacy of charitable giving."

Coalition to Preserve the Estate Tax
1742 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 234-8494 (TEL)
(202) 234-8584 (FAX)

Doug Hess
Food Research and Action Center
Senior Policy Analyst
1875 Connecticut Ave, NW #540
Washington, DC 20009
ph. 202-986-2200 ext 3004
fax 202-986-2525

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