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Hello Comm list
I work at City Life/Vida Urbana in Boston.  We conduct a campaign in Boston
of tenant organizing that is linked to policy goals such as 10,000 socially
owned homes and getting back some form of rent control/tenant protections.
The tenant organizing campaign goes building by building and combines
"normal" legal resistance to large rent increases and/or mass evictions with
direct public pressure of all kinds.  This combination always results in
something better than tenants could have gotten without organizing.  It often
results in multi-year agreements with limited rent increases.  It sometimes
results in getting the building out of the private market into social
ownership - non profit ownership of tenant limited equity ownership.
The campaign helps form the social base for new policy initiatives by
contrasting the huge profits demanded by the real estate industry with the
desire for safe, affordable homes and stable low and moderate income, working
class communities.
For information, contact
Steve Meacham, City Life/Vida Urbana, Box 117, Jamaica Plain MA 02130
     617-524-3541        email: smeacham at clvu.org
Kathy Brown, Boston Tenant Coalition 617-439-3887 for policy program
Cambridge Eviction Free Zone, 11 Garden St., Cambridge MA 02138

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