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Sun Mar 18 15:18:56 CST 2001

[ed:  you may want to contact Nancy directly if you are willing to 
volunteer, but please feel free to copy COMM-ORG with ideas and/or 
resources you might know of.]

From: "Nancy Marks" <NancyM at>

Hi folks:

Is anyone interested in helping to pull together a workshop on CDCs and 
community organizing (a kind of 'lessons from the field') for the National 
Organizers Alliance (NOA) gathering in June?

I am the Director of Organizing at the Massachusetts Association of 
Community Development Corporations in Boston.  I head up a program called 
RHICO (Ricanne Hadrian Initiative on Community Organizing) which works with 
CDCs to combine organizing and development work.

I am hoping to find one or two people who would like to help develop this 
workshop...And, while RHICO has many trials and tribulations to share with 
the field (as I imagine many of your organizations also do).  I envision 
this workshop to be more participatory then just 'talking heads'.

Drop a line if you are interested. Thanks.

Nancy Marks
Director of Organizing
617.426.0303 x25
nancym at

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