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The following book describes methods for teaching community organization
skills, including multi-cultural work, ethics, tactical methods, and

Innovative Approaches for Teaching Community Organization Skills in the

Edited by Donna Hardina, PhD
Department of Social Work Education, California State University, Fresno

This accessible and comprehensive book will help social work educators
efficiently teach students methods of practice that they need to know in
order to offer the best services to clients with a variety of different
needs in a variety of settings. Containing many assignments and exercises
that combine new technology with progressive ideas about integrating theory
and practice, this valuable guide consistently addresses topics that past
students may not have learned in the classroom. Innovative Approaches for
Teaching Community Organization Skills in the Classroom describes teaching
methods that will educate your students on the development of
self-awareness, multicultural competency, and ethical content for practice
in order to prepare them for the diverse situations that may arise in their
professional careers.

. Models and Tactics Taught in Community Organization Courses: Findings from
a Survey of Practice Instructors (Donna Hardina)
. "Of Means and Ends" Revisited: Teaching Ethical Community Organizing in an
Unethical Society (Michael Reisch and Jane Isaacs Lowe)
. Educating Students for Multicultural Community Practice (Lorraine
Gutiérrez and Ann Rosegrant Alverez). Product and Process Dialectic:
Developing an Indigenous Approach to Community Development Training (Eleanor
Wint and Vishantie Sewpaul)
. Grassroots Leadership Training: A Case Study of an Effort to Integrate
Theory and Method (Eric Zachary)
. Organizing Cyberspace: Strategies for Teaching About Community Practice
and Technology (John McNutt)
. Index

To order this book, go to:
or call 1-800-HAWORTH and indicate CODE HEC25.

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